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Whatsapp Group Link: This time Unlimited loot tricks back with WhatsApp group Invite links. You will find all types of WhatsApp group links here. We have more then 1500+ WhatsApp group links collection. Simply follow the below steps and join the latest WhatsApp group join links list.

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Well, We’re talking about Whatsapp group link, Right? Okay! Let’s come back to point. 🙂 ULT Have an extensive collection of WhatsApp groups links where you can choose whichever the WhatsApp group link you want to join. Feel free to share your experience about this WhatsApp group links. If you found any revoked or deleted the group, then let me know to remove it from the list. Make sure you follow the WhatsApp group rules for not getting banned from the group.

Some group link may be revoked by the group admin & some groups may be full or some group names may be changed by admin or by the group members. So please do share with US if you found any revoked link or full group link. so that I can remove the link and add some other new links and make sure you follow the group rules.

Whatsapp Group Rules: (Most Common)

  • No fighting with the group members
  • No abusing in the group or with the group members
  • No spamming in the group with continues messages
  • You are not allowed to share any type of group link
  • No sharing of adult video/Photo.
  • You are not allowed to do the private message to group members
  • If you have any problem with the group or with any group member then contact the group admin.
  • No advertising in the group
  • Don’t use foul language in the group
  • No promotion in the group
  • Give respect and take respect from the group members
  • No religions post
  • No discrimination
  • You can share your WhatsApp group links

Whatsapp group links List

These are some of the random WhatsApp groups lists where you will find all types without based on the category and will be updated with the latest WhatsApp group links every day. If you want to share your WhatsApp group invite link then you can share it with us by commenting your WhatsApp group invite link in the comment section along with the group name and group rules.

whatsapp group links

Indian WhatsApp Group Links

indian whatsapp group links list

Hindi WhatsApp Group Links List

hindi whatsapp group invite link

Tamil WhatsApp Group Invite Links List

Telugu WhatsApp Group Links

Malayalam WhatsApp Group Links

Jobs WhatsApp Group Links

Pakistan WhatsApp Group Join Links List

Brazil WhatsApp Group Links – Links do Grupo WhatsApp no Brasil

Russian WhatsApp Group Links – русский WhatsApp группы ссылки

Shayari WhatsApp Group Link

Musical/songsWhatsAppp groups

Fitness WhatsApp Group link

Friendship whatsapp group links

friendship whatsapp group join links

Funny/Jokes WhatsApp Group link

funny whatsapp groups

International whatsapp groups links

international whatsapp group link

Islamic WhatsApp Group link list

islamic whatsapp groups

Online WhatsApp Group invite link

online whatsapp groups link

Poetry WhatsApp group join links list

online whatsapp groups links

Whatsapp Group Link FAQ

How to join WhatsApp group links

  • To join any of the group links from the above list simply click on the group.
  • Once you click on the group then that group link will redirect you toWhatsAppp
  • In Whatsapp, you will get an option called join.
  • Simply click on the join button and join the group link.
  • That’s it. you have successfully learned how to join WhatsApp group link from ULT

How to create a WhatsApp groups?

To create a WhatsApp group, First, you need a WhatsApp account. If you have the WhatsApp account then follow the below steps.

  • First, of all open your WhatsApp account.
  • Once opened then click on the 3dots which are in the top right corner
  • Now you will get some option, simply select “Create group”
  • Now it will ask you to add a group member. (You at least need 1 group member to create WhatsApp group)
  • So simply add at least one member to the group so that you will be able to create the group
  • Now once the member is added, you will be able to set up your WhatsApp group name and WhatsApp group image.
  • Simply set up the group image and group name and you are done. You have successfully created your own WhatsApp group.

How to get WhatsApp group link?

Once you have created the WhatsApp group and now you need to copy your WhatsApp group link to share it with your friends and ULT. Then follow the below steps.

First of open your WhatsApp account and open your WhatsApp group.
Now tap on your WhatsApp group name and you will see your group name and image with some options below
Beside your WhatsApp group name, You will find a pencil icon. Simply click on that pencil icon and you will be able to change the group name. that’s it.

How to revoke WhatsApp group invite link?

Revoke is nothing but deleting the present link to your WhatsApp group. this is useful when to delete the group link and stop letting members join the group. Simply follow the below steps and learn how to revoke WhatsApp group link.

  • First of all, open your WhatsApp account and open the WhatsApp group of which you want to revoke
  • Once you opened the group now tap on the group name and it will show some options.
  • Click on the “Add participant” and select “invite to the group via link”
  • Now you will have the following options. as shown in the image
  • Simply select the “Revoke link” option and you have successfully revoked the WhatsApp group link.

How to change WhatsApp groups image?

  • First of all, open your WhatsApp group
  • Now click on your WhatsApp group name and you will be able to see your WhatsApp group image
  • Simply click on the image and you will see two options. one is the pencil icon and the other is share icon
  • Now click on the pencil icon and change your WhatsApp group image. that it. you have successfully learned

How to change WhatsApp group name?

This is same as changing the group image all you need to do is simply click on your group name and click on the pencil icon which is beside your group name and you will be able to change your WhatsApp group name. That’s it.

How to turn off notification of any WhatsApp group?

Getting annoyed by the group message sound? you can simply turn off the notification so that you won’t get any notification message until you open the WhatsApp again. to mute “WhatsApp group” notification simply follow the below steps.

In two ways you can turn off the group notification.

Method 1:

  • First of all, open your WhatsApp account and goto the group of which you want to turn off the notification
  • Now click on the 3dots and you will find the option called “Mute Notification”
  • That’s it. you have successfully learned how to mute WhatsApp group notifications

Method 2:

  • Open your WhatsApp group and click on the group name.
  • Now you will see an option call Mute Notification.
  • Simply enable the mute notification and you will not receive any of the notification related to that group.

How to remove someone from the WhatsApp group?

Is someone annoying in the group? or using abusive words? or spamming in the group or not following the group rules? and want to remove him/Her then simply go through the steps below and learn how to remove someone from the WhatsApp group

  • First of all, open your WhatsApp account and open the WhatsApp group from which you want to remove the person
  • Now simply click on the group name scroll down till you see the number of that person.
  • Simply click on that person number and you will see some options
  • Simply select “Remove from the group” and that person will be removed from the group
  • That’s. you have successfully learned how to remove someone from the group

How to exit from the WhatsApp group?

Are you getting annoyed by the group messages or someone from the group messaging you personally and want to leave that group then it’s as simple as you join the group? simply follow the below steps and learn how to exit from the WhatsApp group.

  • First of all open the group from which you want to exit the group
  • Now simply click on the group name and scroll down till the end.
  • At the end, you will find an option called “Exit Group”
  • Simply click on that option and you will exit from the group.

How to make someone WhatsApp group admin?

Are you not able to handle the group alone and want to make someone as admin of your group whom you trust than simply follow the below process and learn how to make someone group admin


  • First of all, open your WhatsApp group account and tap on the group name
  • Now scroll down till you find the person whom you want to make the group admin
  • Once you found simply click on Her//Him number and you will get some options.
  • Simply select the option “Make Admin” and you are done making the new group admin.
  • That’s it. make sure you have made the right person as your group admin.

How to replay to a specific message in the group?

Want to replay to a particular message in the group and don’t know how then no worries. simply follow the below process and you will learn how to send message to a particular message.

  • First of all, open your WhatsApp account and open the group in which you want to send the replay to the specific message,
  • Simply tap and hold on the message and you will get some options on the top.
  • Simply select the Left cross arrow mark and you will get that message tagged for your replay.
    Now type the message and send. that’s it. you have successfully learned how to replay to a particular message

How to Highlight text on WhatsApp?

Highlighting text feature where users can turn texts in chat to bold, italic, and strikethrough which helps the text highlight

To bold, the text in the chat conversation, add an asterisk on either side of the text you are sending on WhatsApp. For italics, you need to add underscore on either side of the word. Similarly, for strikethrough just add tildes on both sides.

For example:

*Unlimited Loot Tricks* = Unlimited Loot Tricks

_WhatsApp Group Link_ = WhatsApp Group Link

~Unlimited Loot Tricks~ = Unlimited Loot Tricks

How to create a shortcut for specific WhatsApp chats?

The WhatsApp shortcut for specific chat is one of the ways people can directly access the chat conversation even without opening the main app. To create shortcut for a specific chat, go to Chat > contact chat > Menu > More > Add shortcuts or chats.

Hide status for some users on WhatsApp:
To change the status privacy, go the Status screen > Tap on Menu button > Status privacy > choose who can see status updates.

Pin Chats on WhatsApp

WhatsApp introduced the Pin chat feature on Android in May 2017 while iOS users got the feature in July. WhatsApp’s Pin chat feature allows users to pin up to three chats to the top of the chat list. The pinned chats will remain at the top always which will mean that you will first see the three chats that matter to you the most.

To pin a chat, tap and hold a specific chat which you wish to pin. Tap the Pin icon that appears at the top of the screen. In case, you want to unpin a chat then tap and hold the pinned chat in your chat list and remove the pin icon.
On iPhone, users can pin chats by swiping right on the chat and can unpin by swiping right on the pinned chat.

How to use Starred messages/bookmark on WhatsApp?

Starred messages are one feature that allows WhatsApp users to bookmark specific messages so they can quickly be referred to later. To star a message, tap and hold the message you wish to star and then tap the Star icon that appears on top of the screen. To unstar a message, tap and hold the message and select the remove Star icon.

WhatsApp users can also access the list of Starred messages by opening WhatsApp and tap the Menu button. You can then tap Starred messages.
Similarly, iPhone users will have to tap and hold the message they wish to star. Tap the Star icon in the menu.

Send a broadcast message on WhatsApp

WhatsApp broadcast messages might have taken a hit in popularity after the introduction of WhatsApp Groups feature. But, it is still one of the best ways to send public messages to your contacts privately. Want to invite people to your private party at home, you can always use ‘New broadcast’ feature. Broadcast messages are only received by contacts that have your mobile number saved. So simply follow the below steps and learn how to use broadcast

For sending the broadcast message on Android, Chats > Menu > New broadcast. On iPhone, users can send a broadcast message by going to Chats > Broadcast Lists > New List > Add contacts.

How to Change app language in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp supports multiple languages across the world. In India, WhatsApp supports English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, and other languages. To change the language of your WhatsApp then simply follow the below steps.

  • First of all, open your WhatsApp account and go to Settings >
  • In settings select Chats > App Language > Choose the language you want to use.
  • That’s it. You have successfully changed the WhatsApp app language
WhatsApp Group invite link

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