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App cloner Pro APK Free Download: In this post, I will share how to get app cloner pro apk free download with a brief explanation about each & every option available on the app cloner pro. The name itself says that this app is a cloning app and As you know there are many other apps like app cloner but among them, I will suggest app cloner only because of its extra features which are not available on the other app cloning apps. So simply follow the below steps and download & install the App cloner pro APK for free without paying a single penny to anyone.

What is app cloner Pro APK:

App cloner is an app which let you clone apps and creates another same duplicate app. in other words you can simply install 2 same apps on your single phone. not just 2 but you can create an unlimited app of the same application. if there are no app cloning apps then it’s not possible to use two same apps on a single phone.


The app cloner app is available for free and paid versions. In the free version you cannot clone some popular apps but with the pro version, it is possible to clone the popular apps like messenger, facebook, WhatsApp etc. below I will also compare the difference between pro & free versions. I will also let you know about other app cloning apps like parallel space and rest apps

About App Cloner

App NameApp Cloner Pro APK
App Size3.5MB
Last UpdateJan 4th 2019
No. Of Installs100000+
Current Version1.0.4
PlayStore Rating4.5+
Root RequiredNO
Rquired Android VersionAndroid 4.0+

App Cloner Permissions

StorageRead contacts from SD Card.
Modify or delete contacts.
OtherHave full network access.
Google Play billing service.
Install Shortcuts.
Google Play license check.
View network connection.

App Cloner Pro APK Free Download Info:

The developer of the app is AppListo. On play store, the app cloner has got more then 1000k installs and it requires 4.0.3 android version and above to run. the current version of app cloner pro is 1.49 and the play store rating of 4.1 stars.

Features of App cloner Pro:

  • With the help of the app cloner pro version, you will be able to clone popular apps like Whatsapp, Messanger & Gmail android apps.
  • You can also clone a single app multiple times and also will be able to use batch cloning
  • You can share or save the cloned apps on your phone
  • In App Cloner pro APK Free Download version, you can change or replace the app icon with the cloned app
  • Display options for App Cloner Pro:
  • You can change status, Toolbar color, and navigation while cloning the app via app cloner
  • You can also change the rotation clock of the cloned app
  • app cloner also supports changing the size app of the cloned app, Language and also font & font size
  • You can enable Multi-window support in “app cloner pro apk free download”

App Cloner Pro Privacy Options:

  • You can remove any of the cloned app permission with the help of the pro version
  • option to use incognito mode for cloned apps
  • You can change android ID, Wifi Mac and also hide the IMEI number which cloning
  • Also, option to spoof location
  • when you take a screenshot, the app cloner prevent apps from appearing
  • App cloner Pro version other Options:
  • You can install the cloned app on your external Memory
  • Every time you exit the cloned app the app’s cache is cleared
  • Sand Box external storage
  • Allow and prevent app backups
  • Disable autostart of cloned apps and app defaults
  • You can disable Mobile data, Background networking, and route traffic via proxy
  • You can change app notification color, notification filter and also silence notification
  • Apps which cannot be cloned by App cloner
  • Youtube, Google Apps, OneDrive, BBM, Viber, EverNote, Snapchat, Skype, Trello, Wechat.

How To Download & install App Cloner Pro APK Free:

  • First of all download App Cloner Pro APK on your android phone
  • Now make sure you have enabled to install the apps from unknown source.
  • After enabling the unknown source, simply install the app cloner pro apk
  • That’s it. you have successfully made app cloner pro apk free download and installed it on your android phone.
  • When you open the app you will see two options. the first one is installed apps and the other one is cloned app.
  • In installed apps you will see the apps which are aleardy present on your phone and in cloned apps you will see the apps which are cloned using app cloner pro
  • To clone any app simply choose the app and click on the tick button to start cloning. for clear explanation read the below info.

App cloner PRO APK Free Download Video:

How to Use App Clone Pro:

  • Open the app cloner pro app and you will see the list of application in the apps tab
app cloner pro
  • Now you will have options to change the name of the cloning app, Clone app number, Change icon color, flip icon, rotate icon, add a badge, replace icon and lot more modding options.
app cloner pro apk free
  • Simply perform whichever options you want and click on the tick round button to start cloning the duplicate app.
app cloner pro
  • After that, it will start cloning the app and after cloning it will ask to install the app.
  • Click on the install app and you are done cloning the app.
  • You have successfully learned how to use app cloner pro apk and clone apps with it.

Why App Cloner Pro:

App cloner has tons of options which a non-rooted phone cannot perform. this app will let you change the android id, Hide IMEI, Mac Address and much more equal to a rooted phone. make sure you explore the modded options to find out the rest of the options available

App cloner FAQ’s

Can we change the name of the app while cloning?

Yes, you can change the name of the app which you are cloning. and this is the first this you will be asked at the time of cloning. You can give any name you want to give at the time of cloning.

Can we change the icon in App cloner?

In-app cloner you can flip the icon or change the color of the icon but you cannot change the icon of the app in the free version. I hope this option is available only in pro version.

If we delete the original app then will the cloned app also deletes?

The answer is no. You have a saperate cloned app.

Is app cloner available on playstore?\

It was avaible once up on a time but now its no longer available on playstore

Can i clone the app more then once?

Yes you can clone as many as you want.

Can i clone two different versions of the same app?



I think I have covered all the features of the app cloner pro apk free download. simply download the app and enjoy the rooted phone features on your non-rooted phone. feel free to share your experience with this full guide and the download link.

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