GBWhatsApp APK v6.65 : Download GBWhatsapp Latest Version APK 2018

GBWhatsApp Latest Version

GBwhatsapp Latest Version 6.65: This time loot tricks is back with one of the most interesting app according to me which is known as GBWhatsApp APK & most of the people are not aware of this app.. only 10:100 people know this app. The name of the app is GBWhatsApp which contains much more features compared to a normal WhatsApp.

Once you start using this GBWhatsapp download then you will never use normal WhatsApp. this app is a WhatsApp modified app and has got lots of new features which don’t exist in official WhatsApp. I am personally using this app instead of original WhatsApp. please do read all the features of this app and know about it. You will be impressed with the features for sure.

What Is GBWhatsapp?

GBWhatsapp App 2018 is a Modded WhatsApp app with extra features. Once you start using GBWhatsApp then you won’t use normal WhatsApp. You can do anything in just one or 2 clicks. The present version of GBWhatsapp is 6.65. the size of the app s 35.4 MB with more than 2,000,000 downloads. This app is not available in play store. You need to download the APK to install GBWhatsapp Latest Version. I will provide the latest version link below simply download from there and explore “GBWhatsapp Latest Version”.

GB Whatsapp APK Info

App NameGBWhatsApp
App Size36MB
No of installs2,000,000+
Current Versionv6.65
Required Android Version4.0+

GBWhatsApp APK Permissions:

Every app needs permission to work properly. GBWhatsApp also needs permission to perform without any problem. below are some of the gbwhatsapp permission which are explained in detail.

  • Camera: To take phones/Video
  • Contacts: Find accounts on the device, Modify your contacts & Read your contacts
  • Location: Access the approximate location & Access the precise location
  • Microphone: Record Audio
  • Phone: Reads the phone status & Identity
  • SMS: Read text messages and send or view SMS messages
  • Storage: Modify or delete the contacts and read the contacts of your SD card
  • Other: Close other apps | View Wi-Fi network | View Wi-fi Connections | Read sync settings & Statistics | Run at start | Receive data from Internet | Controls your phone vibration | Prevent phone from sleeping | Install & Uninstall shortcuts | Change your audio settings | Retrieve running apps | Control near field communication Have full network access | Pair with Bluetooth devices | Connect & Disconnect from Wifi | Send sticky Broadcast

GBWhatsApp Latest Version Features:

  • The GBwhatsapp latest version is based on the base update 2.18.46
  • You can now see the description within the chat
  • The latest version 6.10 has new emoji added
  • DND mode added to the home itself
  • In gbwhatsapp latest version, you have the option to increase the status video limit. the original WhatsApp
  • users will be able to watch only 30sec
  • Besides the message in the group. you will find who is admin of that group.
  • With this 6.10 update, you will be able to identify admin message in groups
  • You will be able to change the fab size, location/Position
  • Change number notification enabled
  • Clock sticker enabled
  • You have an option to hide the DND symbol
  • GBWhatsapp Latest Version is also available for The Web.
  • Hide groups & contacts with Lock.
  • You can send videos up to 50MB.
  • can set group name up to 35 characters.
  • Hide things like Last Seen, Typing message, online status, Blue ticks, second tick, Micro Phone for
  • group or chat and much more.
  • You can go to the first message of the chat without scrolling.
  • New Emojis Added
  • Exit groups or mute all groups in one click.
  • You can restart GB Whatsapp & all other normal WhatsApp features.
  • Can be installed with original WhatsApp without any issue.
  • Supports many languages.
  • Can copy other people status onto your clipboard.
  • Preview images without loading.
  • Can send up to 90 images in one single click instead of 10 images.
  • Can send broadcast messages up to 600 ppl instead of 250 people.
  • You will get alerts like anyone change of DP or if any 1 came online.
  • You can update status up to 250 characters instead of 139.
  • Can send blank messages.
  • While copying messages you won’t get name & date along with the copied messages.
  • Can stop receiving calls from anyone or everyone.
  • You can be online 24 hrs but it consumes more battery.
  • You can use another WhatsApp (Dual Whatsapp).
  • Can change Icon or notification icon from settings.
  • You can change the appearance of Conversation screen, Main/Chat Screen, Popup Notification, Media Sharing and much more.

I have mentioned almost 90% of the GBWhatsapp Latest Version features above & Will keep updating the latest features of GB Whatsapp. Just be patient and read them all to know the features if you are a beginner.

How to download GBWhatsapp Latest Version APK

  • First of all download GBWhatsApp Latest Version APK
Download GBWhatsApp APK
  • Now after download simply open the app and install it.
  • After installing simply register with your number as normal WhatsApp account.
  • That’s it. You have successfully downloaded GBWhatsapp latest version on your android phone.

GBWhatsapp latest version settings

GBWhatsapp Latest Version Anti-Revoke Feature?

This feature makes the gbwhatsapp more suggestable according to me. gbwhatsapp have the anti-revoke feature where you will be able to see the message even after he/She delete the message which sent to you. I feel this is one of the best gbwhatsapp features and I only recommend gbwhatsapp instead of original one. to know more about this feature simply follow the below steps and learn how to use gbwhatsapp Anti-revoke feature

  • First of all click on the 3dots and go to privacy option
GBWhatsApp Privacy Settings
  • In privacy option, you will see an Anti-revoke option at the end. Here in the below screenshot my gbwhatsapp is already enabled Anti-revoke that is why it is showing Disable Anti-revoke
GBWhatsApp Anti-revoke
  • Simply click on the Anti-revoke option and the GBWhatsapp will restart
  • That’s it. you have successfully learned how to enable the gbwhatsapp anti-revoke feature.

How To Change Theme In GBWhatsapp?

  • First of all open GBWhatsapp and click on the top right corner 3dots.
  • Now go to “GB Settings” & choose “Download Themes”
GBWhatsApp Settings
  • Simply select the theme and tap on apply.
GBWhatsApp themes
  • That’s it you have successfully learned how to change GBWhatsapp Themes
  • To custom change, the appearance simply tap on top right corner 3dots
  • Now select options below “Appearance”
  • You can change each and every appearance of the GBWhatsapp Latest Version

How to set Auto Replay in GBWhatsApp

Yes you have an option called Auto replay in GBWhatsApp with the help of this option you can set some default auto messages for some common messages from your contacts. You can set ths auto replay for both the contacts as well as your whatsapp groups. This is mostly useful for people who are doing business in whatsapp and they can set some default messages related to there business so if you want to know about GBWhatsApp Auto replay feature then simply follow the below steps.

  • First, select the 3dot from your GBWhatsApp and click on the option called GBSettings
  • Now after selecting the GB setting select “Auto Reply Messages” Option
  • After selecting the Auto replay you have to first enable the Auto Replay messages by enabling the toggle on the top bar.
  • Once enabled you will be able to add the auto replay messages by clicking on the plus button which is at the bottom left corner.
  • Now you will a list of options as shown in the below image
  • S the first one is for what messages GBWhatsApp should auto replay
  • You will have three options there
  • Contains
  • Equals
  • All
  • Select contains option if you want to auto-replay only for particular messages like HI, Hello and other common messages.
  • Make sure you enter those message to which you want to send the auto replay
  • If you select all then the GBWhatsApp will auto replay to all the messages which is very useful for business people
  • Now in the second box, you have to enter the auto replay message.
  • Simply enter whatever the auto replay message should be.
  • In the same way, explore all other options in auto replay like delay time and rest so that it will become easy for you.

I hope you have learned how to set the auto replay messages in GBWhatsApp and all other options in auto replay.

How To Hide WhatsApp groups & Contacts in GBWhatsapp APK?

  • Simply select the groups & contacts you want to hide
  • Now click on the
    top right corner 3dots and click on “HIDE”
GBWhatsApp Group Hide
  •  It will ask for pattern lock. setup your pattern lock for safety.
  • Now to open the hidden groups & contacts click on your name which is on the top as shown in the image
  • In my case, I will click on my name Sudheer

How to change your privacy in GBWhatsapp?

  • ( Like Online Status, Blue Ticks, Second Tick, Writing Status & View Status)
  • Simply click on the 3dots & click on “PRIVACY”
gbwhatsApp privacy options
  • Now select whichever the option you want to change the privacy list

How to disable message counter in GBWhatsapp Latest Version?

  • Goto 3dots on the top right corner > GBWhatsapp Settings > Other Mods > 6.17 Disable Message Counter (Simply Untick it)

How to go to the first message of any chat in GBWhatsapp?

  • Open any chat/conversation and click on the top right corner 3dots
  • Now you will see Goto first Message option.
  • That’s it. you have successfully learned how to go to the first message in GBWhatsapp Latest Version

How to change App font in GBWhatsapp?

  • Goto 3dots on the top right corner > GBWhatsapp Settings > 11 Change App font
  • Simply select whichever like and click on load to setup.

How to change WhatsApp icon in GBWhatsapp?

  • Goto 3dots on the top right corner > GBWhatsapp Latest Version Settings > Other Mods > 6.0 Launcher Icon
GBWhatsApp launch icon
  • Simply select the icon you like and setup.

How to change tick style in GBWhatsapp?

  • Goto 3dots on the top right corner > GBWhatsapp Settings > Other Mods > 6.1 Ticks Style
GBWhatsApp tick style
  • Simply select whichever the tick style you like.

GBWhatrsApp Download 2018 V6.65 | 10-11-2018

  • This update is based on 2.18.327
  • You will have the stickers enabled
  • No more forward tags
  • Mention icon on main screen
  • Swip to replay
  • Group calls enabled
  • Farward limit increased specially for indian people
  • Square pics fixed
  • search in themes fixed & much more.

GBWhatsapp Latest Version: V6.0 | 04-11-2017 (Latest)

  • This update is related to original WhatsApp 2.17.351
  • Anti-Recall message added
  • Live location charing added
  • Advanced storage management added
  • Quick replay enabled
  • Now you can revoke multiple messages at once
  • Now you can send 100 docs instead of 30
  • Emoji scroll fixed
  • Other fixes

GBWhatsapp V5.90 | 18-09-2017 (Old)

  • Enabled recalling feature
  • Solved Emoji Colour
  • Solved Whatsapp Logs
  • New languages added
  • Spanish & Italian language translation updated
  • You can now be able to share APK
  • Message Scheduler updated
  • Now you can upload text status
  • Options added for GIFS
  • Now you will be able to disable Message counter
  • Auto backup chat fixed and other fixes

GBWhatsapp APK V2.80 | 01-08-2017 (OLD)

  • This version is based on original WhatsApp 2.17.223
  • With this version, you can send multiple videos at same time
  • You can edit pics with emojis & text
  • You can view all the contact status list at once
  • Colour changes added
  • Other fixed

GBWhatsapp Latest APK: V5.70 | 20-06-2017 (OLD)

  • limit of the video sending is increased to 50MB
  • Added option to go to the first message of any chat
  • Option added to download any status directly
  • Color added to broadcast list
  • Other fixes

GBWhatsapp Download 2018 V5.60 | 30-05-2017 (OLD)

  • This update is based on the original WhatsApp update version 2.17.146
  • With this GBWhatsapp latest version, you will be able to send all files like PDF, APK & Other
  • By default, you can add only 3 chats but with this version, you can be able to pin more then 3 chat
  • Contact tabs in different styles
  • option added to change the pattern to hidden chats
  • Other fixes

GBWhatsapp APK: V1.20 | 19-05-2015 (OLD)

  • Update to the latest version of original WhatsApp
  • Added whatsapp+ emoji
  • Option to hide icon of the recording added
  • White window problem fixed
  • Other Fixes like GBWhatsApp lock, voice note timer color, pattern not showing etc…

GBWhatsapp Latest Version: V1.10| 10-05-2015 (OLD)

  • SMS Verification working
  • Zoom in/ zoom out image feature added
  • Other Fixes

GBWhatsapp : V1.5 | 08-05-2015 (OLD)

  • Hide second tick option fixed
  • Not copying case fixed
  • Added confirmation popup message before you call/video call
  • Options added to change the app icon
  • Other Fixes
GBWhatApp Version Logs

GBwhatsapp FAQ

Is GBwhatsapp safe to use instead of original WhatsApp?

A. 99.9% Safe

Is gbwhatsapp better than the original WhatsApp?

A. Yes gbwhatsapp is better than original WhatsApp

Is gbwhatsapp available for iPhone

A. no, gbwhatsapp is not available on iPhone presently

Is gbwhatsapp available for Windows

A. No, gbwhatsapp is not available for windows presently

Is gbwhatsapp available for PC/Laptop/Mac

A. You can use gbwhatsapp on your PC/Laptop/Mac via android emulator

Can I use 2 gbwhatsapp ap once on a single phone?

A. yes you can use 2 gbwhatsapp accounts on the single phone with the help of app cloner apps

Difference between gbwhatsapp and original WhatsApp?

gbwhatsapp is a WhatsApp with modified features which are not available on original WhatsApp

Whats is Anti-recall in gbwhatsapp latest version 6.0

A. Anti-recall is opposite to the recall message which means when someone deletes the message which sent. you still will be able to see that message. in other words, you will see the message even after the message deleted by your friend.

Why gbwhatsapp

A. if you customize lover and want tweak with the privacy then you must and should use gbwhatsapp latest version

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