How to Send Stickers on WhatsApp (Android & IOS)

How to Send Stickers on WhatsAppSend stickers on WhatsApp: Hey Guys, Welcome back again. this time we are back with another WhatsApp tip where you can send stickers on WhatsApp. Yes, you read it right now you are able to send sticker on WhatsApp like on facebook. this feature is available on both Android & IOS.  so if you are still on the older version then I do suggest you update your WhatsApp so that you can take advantage of this feature. So without wasting time simply follow the below brief step by step guide and learn how to send stickers on WhatsApp  Android & IOS



How to send stickers on WhatsApp Android

send stickers on whatsapp android

  • First, you need to download the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • Once you have downloaded the latest version then follow the below steps.
  • Now open your WhatsApp messenger and select any chat or group in which you want to send the stickers
  • After selecting the chat/Group simply click on the emoji symbol and you will be able to see three symbol

send stickers on WhatsApp

  1. emoji
  2. Gif
  3. Stickers
  • Simply select the third option stickers and if you see nothing there then no worries.
  • Select the + icon at the right corner and then you will be able to see all the stickers.

WhatsApp stickers pack

  • Download the stickers which you like and start sending them to your conversations.
  • That’s it. You have successfully learned how to send stickers on WhatsApp messenger.

How to send your own sticker on WhatsApp Android

  1. Now for those who want more sticker options on Android just tap add the Google Play Store link will open where you can download other sticker apps as well to view the sticker apps you’ve downloaded
  2. Just tap add my stickers tab if you want to delete a specific pack just tap delete
  3. To reorder your stickers tap and drag reorder next or stick a pack for those looking to create their own stickers keep in mind that each sticker is an image that has transparent background stickers must be exactly 512 into 512 pixels
  4. You can convert regular photos into stickers as well. you will need an app that will let you remove the background of a picture app like sticker maker for WhatsApp are already available on the Google Play Store
  5. On sticker maker go with the option to create a new sticker pack enter the sticker packs name and author then a new page will pop up which will let you add 30 custom stickers of your own.
  6. Click on apps take your icons to create your own custom stickers from the gallery.
  7. You can crop images to select the portion you want to add a sticker in case you go along with clapping somewhere there’s an option to restart as well.
  8. Once crop it will be added as one of the stickers in your pack.
  9. Finally, click on publish take a pack option at the bottom right corner and confirm to publish.
  10. Once users publish the sticker pack it will automatically show up in WhatsApp each sticker must be less than 100 Kb according to WhatsApp.
  11. Now go ahead and try the new stickers feature with your WhatsApp contacts.

How to send stickers on WhatsApp IOS

send stickers on whatsapp ios

  1. First, how do you download a sticker just open any chat or group chat next to the text input field
  2. The sticker symbol appears right in the text input field and is much easier to find
  3. To add sticker packs just tap add which is the plus symbol now simply tap download next to the sticker pack that you want to download
  4. Once downloaded tap the sticker from the menu below and it will send automatic
  5. There’s a recent tab as well to view your recently used stickers
  6. You can add a sticker to favorites by lightly tapping the sticker in your individual chat or group
  7. choose add to favorites as an option once the sticker is added to your favorites menu you can tap on the star symbol and choose from your favorite ones
  8. To unfavorite, a sticker lightly tap the sticker in your individual chat or group and remove from favorites
  9. WhatsApp is also showing stickers based on the kind of emotions they represent
  10. The menu has sticker categories based on the emoji displayed on the icons
  11. For example, the heart box shows any stickers containing hearts
  12. That’s it. you have successfully learned how to send stickers on WhatsApp IOS.

Final Words:

I hope you have clearly understood about sending stickers on WhatsApp. if you have any problem in sending stickers in IOS or Android phone or creating your own stickers then do comment below and I will replay you as soon as possible and also don’t forget to share this post with your friends & family members so that they can also take advantage of this feature.

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