MoneyTap Promo Code: ULT – Get 500 Amazon GV For Each Refer | 10,300/- Proof Added

Money Tap Promo Code/Refer Code/ Coupon

Hey Guys, Welcome to unlimited loot tricks. This time ULT is back with 1 lakh Amazon Gift Vouchers. MoneyTap is offering Amazon gift vouchers for every successful refers to Moneytap app with a condition that all your refer people should apply for credit line through MoneyTap app. when they successfully apply and get credit card you will get a total of 500/- from each refer and the one whom you referred also will get 500/- in there Moneytap. at first, you will get 100 vouchers and then once the card is approved then you will get rest 400 as your referral fee. You friend also get 500 Amazon voucher when he gets the card.




What is MoneyTap Refer & Earn Offer?

  1. Refer as many friends from the MoneyTap mobile app, using your customized referral code/referral link. Only referrals via the code/link will be considered as valid referrals
  2. When your friends apply for the MoneyTap credit line, they get pre-approved and you get a referral reward, an Amazon voucher worth Rs.100/- for this referral
  3. After pre-approval, your friend needs to complete their KYC & get a final approval from the bank. If they get approved finally, their line gets issued & this is when you get another reward bonus worth Rs. 400/- for this referral
  4. Your friend also gets a reward of Rs.500/- once his/her line gets issued

Money Tap Amazon Voucher Loot Process:

  • First of all download the Moneytap app from below

[su_button url=”http://ref.moneytap.com/ult-1rf” target=”blank”]Download MoneyTap[/su_button]

  • Enter this referral code “ULT” to Join Via Unlimited Loot Tricks as your referral
  • Now after downloading the app simply signup into the app
  • After signing up, you will be asked to fill your details. fill or skip them
  • Now if you want to apply for a credit card simply register and complete your KYC.
  • After successful Credit line approval, you will get 500/- Amazon GV in your MoneyTap App.
  • Now simply copy your referral code or your referral link and share it with your friends & family.
  • For every successful approval of Credit line, you will get 100 + 400/- Amazon GV as refer bonus.

Amazon Voucher Proof:

MoneyTap Amazon Voucher Proof

MoneyTap Amazon Voucher Loot Proof

Latest MoneyTap Amazon Voucher Proof:

MoneyTap Amazon Voucher

OLD MoneyTap Amazon Voucher Proof:

MoneyTap Amazon Voucher loot Proof

MoneyTap Amazon Vouchers Video Proof:

MoneyTap FAQ

What Is MoneyTap?

MoneyTap is a credit line (combination of personal loan & credit card), which is available on PlayStore. You can download the app and finish the application process through the app itself. It takes only 4 minutes.

Here is the best part about MoneyTap:

You can transfer the money from MoneyTap to your bank account and that will be considered as a personal loan or you can use the credit card. If you use it as a personal loan, then UNLIKE ANY OTHER LOAN PRODUCT IN THE MARKET, the interest will only be charged on the amount use not the whole approved amount. For instance, you get approved for 30k. And you transfer only 15k. Then the interest will only be charged only for the 15k and then you can convert this into EMIs. Each time you pay back the EMI your limit will be again topped up with the same amount.

Who is eligible for MoneyTap?

Salaried and self-employed professionals between 23 yrs to 55 yrs of age and income more than or equal to Rs. 20,000/- and above!

Things NOT to do:

Do not promise false rewards to people (eg: A friend will not get a reward for signing up or creating an account on the MoneyTap app. A friend who is referred will get the reward only when their line gets issued by the bank. Any false promises where he/she is misguided otherwise will result in a cancellation of reward benefits to both the referrer & referee)

Do not falsify the refer & earn information. If you are not sure how to explain, just pass on the link http://moneytap.com/referandearn to the person concerned

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